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Δελφοί – Delphi

26 Dic

Δελφοί – Delphi – ancient Greek city and the temple at the foot of Parnassus, 13 km from the Gulf of Corinth, on the road from Termopilów on the Peloponnese. Currently, Delphi, is the name of the archaeological site and the name of the municipality, distant 165 km from Athens.
There was no doubt already in the Mycenaean era, as evidenced by numerous excavations. He knows Delphi and honor Homer, who, however, calls them Pytho. The town of Delphi matter was not ever, all the fame owed oracle. Slowly he built here the whole county of worship, because almost all the kingdoms of Greece wanted here in the holy land of Apollo have their temples. The center of the sacred circle was a temple of Apollo built approx. 600 BC After the fire of 548 BC in the approx. 525 – approx. 505 BC temple was rebuilt with money Alkmeonidów, with the considerable help of Pharaoh Amasis. In the year 373 BC again destroyed by an earthquake and by fire, it was rebuilt by Amfiktionów, without recovering however the former importance as a place of pilgrimage.