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Δελφοί – Delphi

26 Dic

Δελφοί – Delphi – ancient Greek city and the temple at the foot of Parnassus, 13 km from the Gulf of Corinth, on the road from Termopilów on the Peloponnese. Currently, Delphi, is the name of the archaeological site and the name of the municipality, distant 165 km from Athens.
There was no doubt already in the Mycenaean era, as evidenced by numerous excavations. He knows Delphi and honor Homer, who, however, calls them Pytho. The town of Delphi matter was not ever, all the fame owed oracle. Slowly he built here the whole county of worship, because almost all the kingdoms of Greece wanted here in the holy land of Apollo have their temples. The center of the sacred circle was a temple of Apollo built approx. 600 BC After the fire of 548 BC in the approx. 525 – approx. 505 BC temple was rebuilt with money Alkmeonidów, with the considerable help of Pharaoh Amasis. In the year 373 BC again destroyed by an earthquake and by fire, it was rebuilt by Amfiktionów, without recovering however the former importance as a place of pilgrimage.


Άνεμος ~ Του Έρωτα & Της Φωτιάς

5 Dic

Of love and fire this song
for the love of a goddess with a mortal man
A song from the heart coming warm
into the night’s echo

Love – love – love me and come and be god
Love – love, they say, madness that becomes light

Onto the highest clouds does she sit bowed
tries to open her wings but they are cut
A song begins again to tell you
She begs to see him

Love – love – love me and come and be god
Love – love, they say, madness that becomes light

Of love and fire this song same the tune
and if you learn how to sing it you become a god!



31 Oct


0:00 – Special Music For This Mix (NoXuu)
2:10 – This is Halloween (NoXuu Remix)
6:55 – Coolio – Gangster’s Paradise (Ricky West Remix)
10:33 – Mike Emilio – Clown
12:43 – Ghostbusters (Marcus Joseph Remix)
16:23 – GAMEFACE feat. Mahoy – Veyron
20:01 – Visck – Carnival
23:11 – Bassel Halloween Trap
26:19 – Matstubs – Awaken
20:04 – Werewolf – Omen
32:37 – Twenty One Pilots – Heathens (Havok Roth Remix)
35:53 – GENER8ION + M.I.A. – The New International Sound Pt. II

Annie’s Song

27 Sep
John Denver was a folk music singer-songwriter who had numerous hits including “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and “Rocky Mountain High.”

Early Career

Singer-songwriter John Denver was born Henry John Deutschendorf Jr., on December 31, 1943, in Roswell, New Mexico, to parents Henry John and Erma. As a teenager, Denver received his first guitar, a 1910 Gibson acoustic, as a gift from his grandmother. He attended Texas Technological College (now Texas Tech University) from 1961-64, but dropped out before completing his studies. In 1965, after traveling to New York City and successfully auditioning for the Chad Mitchell Trio, he began performing with the group until 1968.

Meanwhile, the folk-pop group Peter, Paul and Mary recorded a song he’d written, “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” and its success gave Denver a higher profile in the music industry. Record executives had already convinced him to change his last name to Denver—partly in honor of the city and surrounding Rocky Mountains that he treasured, and partly due to his clean-living image. He signed with Mercury RCA Records in 1969 and released his first single, “Rhymes and Reasons.” In the next two years, he released four moderately successful albums, including Take Me to Tomorrow (1970) and Aerie (1971).

Commercial Success

With his wholesome good looks and down-to-earth appeal, Denver was considered the golden boy of folk music. Soon he was playing to sold-out crowds in stadiums across the country. The most successful albums of his career were Poems, Prayers, and Promises (1971)—which featured the hit “Take Me Home, Country Roads”—Rocky Mountain High (1972) and Back Home Again (1974)—which featured the tracks “Annie’s Song” and “Thank God I’m A Country Boy.”

In 1977, Denver made his film debut in Oh, God!, costarring George Burns. Even though the film was a minor box-office hit, Denver’s acting career was thereafter limited to television until 1997, when he starred in Craig Clyde’s outdoor adventure film Walking Thunder. John Denver and the Muppets (1980), The Christmas Gift (1986) and Higher Ground (1988) are among the numerous television specials in which he either hosted or starred.


As a renowned environmentalist and humanitarian, Denver’s membership in many organizations included the National Space Institute, the Cousteau Society, Friends of the Earth, Save the Children Foundation, and the European Space Agency. In 1976, he cofounded the Windstar Foundation, a non-profit wildlife preservation agency. In addition to founding the World Hunger Project in 1977, he was personally appointed by President Jimmy Carter to the commission on World and Domestic Hunger. He became a chair member of the National UNICEF Day in 1984.

In 1987, President Ronald Reagan presented Denver with the Presidential World Without Hunger Award. That same year, he won an additional six awards for Rocky Mountain Reunion, his documentary about endangered species. In 1993, he won the Albert Schweitzer Music Award for humanitarian efforts.

Awards and Death

Among numerous awards and recognition for his musical achievements, he received the Top Male Recording Artist Award from Record World magazine for 1974-75. Also in 1975, he was named the Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year.

In 1967, Denver married Anne Marie Martell, a psychotherapist. Together they adopted two children, Zachary and Anna Kate, before their divorce in 1983. Denver was married to Cassandra Delaney from 1988 to 1991. Together they had one child, Jesse Bell.

A longtime aviator, Denver died on October 12, 1997, when the plane that he was piloting went down over Monterey Bay, California, killing him instantly.

ΚΑΛΗΜΕΡΑ – Δέσποινα Βανδή

15 Sep

Η Δέσποινα ερμήνευσε στην έναρξη του εορταστικού “The Voice”, σε πρώτη τηλεοπτική μετάδοση, το ολοκαίνουργιο τραγούδι της που ακούει στον τίτλο “ΚΑΛΗΜΕΡΑ”

Despina Vandi interpreta en el inicio de la fiesta “La Voz”, en la primera cadena televisiva su canción que lleva el título “buenos días”.

Καλημέρα (Good Morning in Greek)


Raining … Dreaming

26 Jul

Whenever it rains, I feel so free
Free as a bird, rain is my life
Washing away my troubles
Quenching my sun baked soul

While others rush for cover
I stroll among the empty streets
The rain dancing upon my lips
Looking up at the gray clouds
I open my mouth to catch the rain

Laughing at the silliness of it
Whenever I am sad
The rain hides my tears,
And soothes me with
The fresh clean air

The soft pitter-patter on my window
Lulls me to sleep as it sings its lullaby

I let out a sigh
As I wave goodbye
To the departing clouds
The sun shining through

Until next time rain
For now I bid thee.


22 Jun

Chris Spheeris Allura

Allura Red AC is a synthetic red dye which is a compound azoderivado. It is a disodium salt (are equally accepted the calcium and potassium salts) that occurs as a reddish powder dark very soluble in water.3 is usually used in the food industry as a food color code: E 129 where it is used in the production of confectionery products (widely used in the production of jelly beans) and by-products of the meat industry. It was introduced in the US mid-eighties as a substitute Amaranth (E 123).